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Founded over four years ago by industry-recognized and certified Social Media Strategist, Diane Rayfield, Harp Social is a full-service social media marketing agency specializing in strategy, implementation, content creation, maintenance and evolution of social media for our B2B and B2C clients. We're skilled at integrating social media to work hand-in-hand with other online marketing initiatives, and strategize social campaigns with a clear understanding of (and focus on) your business/ marketing objectives and metrics.
Because Harp Social is embedded in Harp Advertising + Interactive, we are empowered to deliver fully-integrated online marketing campaigns and solutions with effective and cross-channel efficiencies.
  Social Media Audit
  Identify and prioritize Goals (reputation management, lead generation)
  Social Media Campaign Strategy
  Professional Platform Implementation
  Campaign Ideation
  Content Mining, Content Creation and Publishing
  Reactive and Proactive Engagement Strategies
  Real-time Social Media Monitoring
  Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics
  Social Media Workshops and Training
  Social Media Tutorial Products
Getting Started
   +   Social Media Tutorial Products
+   Identify and prioritize goal (reputation management, lead generation)
+   Strategize a synergistic, integrated social media campaign toward agreed goals
+   Professional and proper implementation of custom-branded social media platforms
+   Content mining, content creation and publishing
+   Reactive and proactive engagement strategies
+   Real-time monitoring and alerts for all selected keywords across the entire social media platform
+   Qualitative and quantitative metrics, recommendations and identification of emerging trends
+   Social Media Evolution (On-going evolution and tactics to remain relevant and impactful regarding your Social Media program)
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