Diane Rayfield   Comments on 6 Savvy Ways Pros Use Social Media Monitoring (and you can too)! 

6 Savvy Ways Pros Use Social Media Monitoring (and you can too)!

As a key part of a solid social media strategy,  social media monitoring has many important uses and should be not only the foundation upon which a brand builds its social strategy, but also play a key role in its ongoing social media marketing efforts.

Below are 6 strategic ways social media professionals, experts, consultants and agencies incorporate social media monitoring:


  Diane Rayfield   Comments on 3 Powerful (and free) Tools to Measure Brand Awareness 

3 Powerful (and free) Tools to Measure Brand Awareness

3 Powerful (and free) Tools to Measure Brand AwarenessSocial Media Goal: Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is always at or near the top of our client’s list when we discuss social media marketing goals. Even for large brands, Brand Awareness continues to appear as one of the top 3 goals…typically in the form of “enhanced” Brand Awareness or “top of mind” Awareness. And the question usually comes down to… what should we measure (and how) to determine awareness and our success in achieving such? (more…)

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5 Ways to Battle Social Media Stump

5 Ways to Battle Social Media StumpWith so much hype surrounding the enormous benefits for businesses to   reap with social media, many have eagerly (and expectantly) jumped into the social landscape with a Twitter account and maybe even a Facebook profile or fan page built around their brand or business.   The problem happens when these expectant businesses look around and say, “Now what?” How do I get followers? How do I use these sites to generate leads? How do I justify social media? How do I find the time? What else is there? Why are we even here? …and so on.

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, or are less than enamored with the success of your social media campaign, try these social stump-blocker solutions below:


  Diane Rayfield   Comments on 6 Savvy Tips for Social Media Monitoring 

6 Savvy Tips for Social Media Monitoring

6 Savvy Tips for Social Media MonitoringIn the world of social media marketing, we often hear of the importance of monitoring as the first actionable item. Although social media monitoring has numerous benefits to a businesses, both large and small, it may be unclear as to how to use monitoring. A recent study reveals that close to half of businesses surveyed don’t know how to use monitoring effectively for marketing purposes.

  Diane Rayfield  4 Comments on Measuring your Social Media Impact? Meet your new Best Friend! 

Measuring your Social Media Impact? Meet your new Best Friend!

Social Website AnalyzerWhile on the hunt for meaningful metrics tools, Erwin Hendriks, creator of Social Website Analyzer, brought his insightful resource to my attention.

Simply put, Social Website Analyzer is a one-click snapshot of the state of your website’s or brand’s social media presence across the top 20 social media sites.


  Diane Rayfield   Comments on 12 Guidelines for Corporate Social Media Policies 

12 Guidelines for Corporate Social Media Policies

12 Guidelines for Corporate Social Media PoliciesWelcome to the era of Socialism in Communication. While social media is liberating brands and opening up new grass-roots level channels for connecting with the consumers, it is also posing new challenges for companies in terms of managing and controlling all that free flowing external communication. While wide social media participation offers innumerous advantages to companies and brands it also requires constant monitoring and the need to provide clear guidelines to all participants to protect both the employees and the company. Companies are struggling to achieve the balance between liberating the employees and avoiding all the risks and pitfalls of unmonitored conversations.

  Diane Rayfield  1 Comments on Strategies to Ensure an Engaged Social Presence 

Strategies to Ensure an Engaged Social Presence

microhponeIt was my extreme honor to be a guest in yesterday’s tele-seminar with the International Social Media Association (ISMA). My topic, in case you missed it, was  “Propel your Social Media Marketing to New Heights: Strategies to Ensure a Winning and Engaging Social Presence”.

Below I recap some of the highlights from the hour long interview:

This is part 1 of a 3 part series…

ISMA:   What do you mean by “an Engaged Social Presence”?

Brian Solis describes engagement as:

“Engagement is essentially the first step in building a relationship between your customers and your brand.”

Brian goes on to explain that initially, early on in a brands social media experience, that it’s more about establishing a presence and less about strategic engagement and the engagement resembles traditional broadcasting of messages.

In it’s most simple explanation, an Engaged Social Presence is when you are actively participating in the social media platforms in which you belong.

More specifically, however…engagement encompasses two strategies.

Re-active engagement and Pro-active engagement, both necessary for   a truly engaged social presence.


  Diane Rayfield  1 Comments on Tools for Monitoring Online Conversations: Part 2 of Monitor Your Brand Online 

Tools for Monitoring Online Conversations: Part 2 of Monitor Your Brand Online

Social Media monitoring tools

This blog post is the second in the 2 part series on brand monitoring. In case you missed the first blog post,   here is the link: Monitor Your Brand Online.

Online Reputation Monitoring can be as simple as creating alerts on Google or as comprehensive as subscribing to a syndicated monitoring service like Radian6 that   gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web. You can hire a Social Media Monitoring company who will not only use syndicated or subscription tools like Radian6 and employ a combination of techniques and report on what’s being said but will also formulate effective response strategies and implement reputation management techniques.

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